Airtel gives an overview of 60 GB free data: what is it and how to claim it

What can be seen as a step to tackle the growing number of GO TV installations, Airtel has started 60 GB free data surprise offers for every postpaid users on every download of the Airtel TV app. Offer is available for prepaid users for some time now.


The new offer can also be seen as an extension of the Airtel Monsoon proposal, only with increased data and validity. Under the Airtel Monsoon Offer, Airtel delivered 10 GB of free data to download the same Airtel TV application for Airtel postpaid customers. However, this proposal was valid for only three months, but this new offer from Airtel is valid for six months.

Customers will automatically add 10 GB of free data to their postpaid account every month.
This new Airtel offer offers 60 GB free data for download and install Airtel TV app for Airtel postpaid users, under which the operator is providing live TV services. Airtel reduces the last 30 GB data and makes it 60 GB. Before this, it was for three months, and now it’s been six months.

Therefore, Airtel is giving 10 GB of data per month for six months, giving it 60 GB of data for free for six months. However, there is a small task that the user needs to get free data of 10 GB.

To take advantage of the offer, download or open the MyAirtel app, which now displays a new banner, such as free data claims. Click on the banner, and follow the on-screen instructions. Work here is to download Airtel TV APK and install it on the user’s smartphone. If the customer is successful in doing so, the free data will be credited to the account within 24 hours.

Airtel recently announced its postpaid promise plan, in which the operator is allowing its postpaid customers to issue unused data for this month in the next month. An Airtel postpaid customer can store up to 200 GB of data in his account.

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