Amazon launches Eco Plus, Eco Connect, Eco Spot, New Fire TV and 2 Jean Echo

Amazon has launched several new products under its Eco Range, in which the second generation echo $ 99 (roughly 6,600), high end echo plus $ 150 (about 9.900) has been included in the form of Smart Home Hub Double in, Echo Connect $ 35 (about Rs 1,400) that connects to your landline and acts as a speakerphone box, Echo Sport Smart Alarm Clock $ 130 (approximately 8,600) and Echo Button $ 20 (about 1,400) is. The company has released a new fire TV at $ 70 (about Rs 4,700).

The second generation eco and premium eco plus will go on sale in the United States from October 31, whereas eco connect and eco spots will be available from December 13 and December respectively, respectively. New Fire TV will be available for purchase from Oct. 25. Provide detailed information in each product:

Second generation Amazon echo

The new Eco 360-degree comes with Omni-Directional audio output, Dolby powered speaker and seven microphones, allowing you to use Alexa whenever the speakers are playing music. Echo can still be used to trigger many tasks such as turning on the light, opening the garage doors and so on – with a phrase like “Alexa, this is a good day”. It is available in six different color choices – charcoal cloth, heath gray cloth, sandstone cloth, silver finish, oak finish and walnut finish.

Echo spot

Echo Spot comes with a 2.5-inch screen with which you can see weather forecasts, news glows, music songs and most importantly, time. Spots can also be used to control smart products in your home via Alexa. This primary selling point is that it is a smart alarm clock and as it is one-sided, one of the specific features of the spot is the fact that it comes with a camera that allows you to make a video call.

Echo plus

Is a smart home hub powered by Eco Plus Alexa, which can control smart products such as thermostats, lights, lock etc. Like the second generation echo, it comes with seven microphones and Dolby power speakers. It is available in silver color and comes in two types – one of which is the Philips Hugh bulb integrated.

Echo Connect

An odd device, Echo Connect, which is basically a speakerphone box that plugs into the landline, connects your landline to your eco products. You can then use Alexa to make a phone call through your landline number.

New fire tv

The latest generation of Fire TV not only looks new (with a new triangular design), but comes with support for 4 ultra HD 60 frames per second, HDR and Dolby ATMOS audio. There is no thing for interns – this is powered by 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU and comes with Wi-Fi 802.11A for connectivity. It comes with an Alexa Voice Remote which can be connected with Echo device

Google pulled Youtube from Amazon Echo Show

Amazon and Google seem to heat things up In a rare public disagreement between the two companies, Amazon announced yesterday that echo shows can no longer play any video from YouTube, because Google accesses the service, Have rejected the form.

Amazon said in a statement – “” This afternoon, Google has not made YouTube available on echo shows, without any explanation and without notice to customers, there is no technical reason for that decision, which is disappointing and our two customers Bothered.

Google in turn said that the development was so amazed and actually put a blame on Amazon to provide a broken YouTube experience on Echo Show.

The company said – “We have been negotiating with Amazon for a long time, working for an agreement that provides great experience for customers on both platforms.Using Amazon’s implementation of echo shows our terms of service Is a violation, a broken user, we are hoping to reach an agreement and resolve these issues quickly. “

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