Big Boss 11: When Salman Khan said 75 rupees and other crazy things dancing!

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who is returning as host of upcoming Big Boss 11, has said that he had danced for a concessional amount of Rs 75!

Salman, who occupied second place in ‘Forbes highest paid actor’ for the year 2017, claimed that he had once danced at Rs 75 in Taj Hotel, Mumbai. Although rumors say that he is being paid Rs 11 crore per episode, because of the show, Salman laughed at him.

Known for his funny and bizarre comment, Salman has ensured everyone to entertain during this launch. Actor said that here are some interesting things:

1. “My first salary was, I think, about 75. I was dancing in some shows in the Taj hotel. One of my friends was dancing there so she made me (and I did) for fun then it was called Campa Cola Soft drink brand) and then it was Rs 1,500 for the longest time. Then I got a payment of Rs 31,000 for the Main Pyaar Kiya, which was later increased to 75,000 rupees. “After the incident In an interview Science said.

2. Talking about hosting Big Boss again, 51-year-old said that although he was not ready to continue, the organizers pulled him back into the show.

“I have said this every year that I do not want to be a big boss but the colors can not do TRP without me, so they will take me back. Thanks to the colors because I like to host Big Boss also I like the fourth or fifth Started with the part and now I have come to 11. We see how many years we can pull this show and you can entertain all. ”

3. When asked about Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar that the TV had to come back, then Salman said that he would be a tough competition for them! “I think Shahrukh and Akshay are amazing, Shahrukh is a good host, Akshay is also really good, he has got a wonderful comedy time, he is funny, on the other hand, Shahrukh has a great personality, charisma, swag, so I think That it will be a tough competition for them (laughs), “the actor said.

4. When asked about who wants to look as neighbors in the entertainment industry, Salman said, “I am happy with my neighbors Waheeda Anees.”

5. The theme of the upcoming season revolves around the neighbors. “We have all kinds of neighbors and every color. Some of us are very good memories of them and some of us can not be good,” Salman said in a statement.

“Bigg Boss is a show that the country is waiting for my films as well as every year with breath, I’m thrilled to welcome new competitors in Big Boss House. Podosys and the householder are very fresh. And we have a complete entertainment package for the audience. ”

The show will be broadcast on October 1 on the colors.

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