Bill Gates ditches Windows Phone for Android,

The windows phone is well and really dead.

The windows phone is well and really dead. If Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates broke his Windows phone for Android smartphones, then there was not enough evidence about the zero share market (0.3 percent).

In a recent interview with Fox News, Bill Gates revealed that he kept his Windows phone separate to run “many Microsoft software” for an Android-powered smartphone. Sadly, they have never specified that Android phones exclude the fancy of thousands of people spread across the market. The reports though claim that they are using a Microsoft version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

In many ways, it shows the last shock for this once, which was a great operating system. In the days of his glory, there was a track of Windows Phone to become a serious opponent for Android and iOS, however, due to lack of developer support and as a result, a very bad app ecosystem and bad hardware options left Windows Phone in the cold.

Microsoft Phone’s decision to reboot Windows Phone 8 continuously with Windows Phone 10 and then Microsoft did not help in minor cases Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Phone line-ups in July. Windows 10 mobile still remains – but just barely.

When asked if anyone would ever consider using an iPhone in the future, Bill Gates only responded – “No, no iPhone.” In a report from The Bridge, it has been reported in fact that Gates had previously banned iPhones and iPods from his home, which is not surprisingly surprising to discuss his controversial relationship with Steve Jobs and Apple in the past. .

Another reason for Bill Gates, who chose Android on the iPhone, could be the level of flexibility and customization. IOS is very restricted and has a wall garden in many ways. Asked about his relationship with Steve Jobs, Gates told Fox News that he was a genius. He further said that he and his jobs are extremely disappointing strategies for their companies. “But competition in software and IT space which helped Steve to Foster, it’s extraordinary and a big part of Microsoft” – he said.

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