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What's in a name? Plenty!

Mumbai, September 29 – Do anyone need permission to tell the friend’s name? Bollywood can feel comfortable about it because it is “all in the family”, but the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), aka, the censor board believes that permission is required.

NOC should not be given to CBFC, who is not part of Varun Dhawan’s film, but they are mentioned in their approach to it.

And so, when filmmaker David Dhawan took his film Juddava 2 into the board for certification, he was asked to get an NOC before actor Alia Bhatt, because in one of the dialogues, Referring to the film’s leading Varun Dhawan without NOC, that dialogue has to go

This is not a new rule, but it is a rule that does not always apply. Actor Manoj Kumar expressed his grief after releasing Shahrukh Khan’s acting Om Shanti Om (2007), in which he allegedly cheated – Manoj Kumar said that his permission was not taken.

CBFC Chief Executive Anurag Shrivastav says about the latest issue, “It has been a part of the CBFC guidelines and any filmmaker should get the NOC from the person whose name is being used.”

In other examples, along with films like Shootout at Lokhandwala (2007) and Anime (2013), the names of other actors were dropped from the movie or songs were changed to avoid any objection.

Former president of CBFC Pahlaj Nihalani says that this practice is a part of the guidelines. Bollywood is like a big family and everyone’s co-operation. During my tenure, this was the rule, but no one talks about it, “says Nihalani, who had recently given the position of the adman-songwriter Prasoon Joshi

Does it not add another layer of paperwork for the filmmaker? Film producer Shashank Khaitan said, “It has become a bit tiring.” He said, “We are friends in this industry and generally think about approving each other’s approval, but if CBFC wants to see it as NOC, there is no harm in it.”

Atul Mohan, business analyst, says that the CBFC “wants to be careful” because in the past, objections were raised in connection with the names of other celebrities in song.

Such a person does not know that such a rule exists. Filmmaker Subhash Kapoor, whose film Jolly LLB 2 cites Sunny Deol and Salman Khan, asks in surprise, “Has the new CBFC panel introduced it? I have to find out.”

Film producer Anushka Sinha believes that this can only be an interpretation of a certain section. He says, “whenever a CBFC speaker comes, then they interpret a section in their own way, this is a subjective interpretation. There can not be any section that says, ‘If you used celebrity name If you are, you will have to get NOC ‘I am sure that a certain section (Cinematograph Act, 1952) can be interpreted in this manner in this manner. “

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