During Durga Puja in Calcutta, you just have a great street food to eat.

It beats restaurant fare hollow.

Durga Pooja turns and the city of Kolkata turns into a huge food court. People are standing along the stalls on the streets, people queue outside the restaurant, and the plates filled with food are passed between family and friends, then enjoyment is the most important part of any worship, in a few days it is simple and lobada, The idea of mutton curry, lace, dessert, rice and apples spread to others, the Bengali version of Kher. Although most countries fast during this time, there are banquets in Kolkata- and why not? After all, there is an integral part of any celebration – no festival is bigger than the Goddess and her children returning home in Kolkata.

The street food is fresh, it’s authentic, and you do not have to wait for more than a few minutes.


So are you appreciating the art, crafts and beauty of the festival from Pandal to Pandal, or are busy running the mile for taxi exploration and pressing drivers to quote obscene things, then the food is a continuous The partner lives. However, this change varies depending on the part of this city, which are located in posh south or north of the earth.

Remember: While the restaurant in Kolkata is open at night during the pooja, you can not even get a place to sit in a restaurant in the afternoon. Street food, therefore, is your best bet. It’s fresh, it’s authentic, and you do not have to wait for more than a few minutes.

Here is a list of things that you should try Durga puja.

Rolls, chowmein, chops and cutlets

Those who know Kolkata know about their role. Grilled chicken, fried egg and chopped onions filled with paratha, ketchup and chillies are found everywhere and wrapped in a butter paper, especially during the pooja. This roll defines Kolkata as a bite. Often, large cinnamon is also used to cook spicy noodles, which is thrown with julianated vegetables, eggs and pieces of meat, with all the chilli and tomato sauce topped with no nodal on any roads like Kolkata. Does it

Chops and cutlets are a bit more subtle. Chicken, fish or vegetable is made with pesticides, they are coated in bread pieces and fried before being handed to you with citrus, salad and rock salt. The egg devil should be eaten with some caution, even though this delicious boiled egg, coated in a mixture of spicy potato, rolled into breadcrumbs and deep fried. Think twice before ordering this second aid

Puchka, jhaal-muri, alu-kabli

Any trip to Kolkata is complete without these three essential snacks, mesh-muri and aloo-kabali. Aloo-kapli- A famous-perhaps mild-lighted potato, gram, onion and cucumber cooked with green chillies, cumin powder and tamarind water.

The famous Pachaka of Kolkata, of course, is full of large, crisp, and zinc potato and tangerine water. At least half a dozen pacha vendors stand in every division, and at least a dozen people wait for their turn in each one of them. These are many tails!

Flax-pepper comes next, the mixture of different textures and flavors in the base of PeaPard Rice, Peanut and Potato, the mixture like Bhel puts you in difficulty if you do not use it, the secret is added to the generous amount of raw mustard oil. . Jhal-Muri is a great snack that keeps you in company form, as you walk, or during a day long session outside a board

Chicken korma and biryani

Kolkata does not love anyone like Biryani, not even Hyderabad or Lucknow. And in worship, the demand for it is at the highest level of all time. When popular couples are struggled to cope with the city’s appetite, stalls are established outside the spring and pandal in the action of hundreds of street vendors. Most often Biryani is not better than the city’s most famous names. This biryani is placed on a low flame in huge utensils, the same is best with the chicken corma made by the stalls. These lush pieces of chicken in thick gravy can be eaten with fried and rolled cooked bread on the plate and also with rice or luchi, but as I said, this whole worship is with Biryani for the sake of enjoyment.

Sondesh, mishti-doi, rosogulla


One thing is to make sure: Durga Puja can not be worshiped without delicious sweets- Mistry

Every street in Kolkata offers its own sweet shop, and there is a favorite dessert in every neighborhood. Make the city’s sweetest obsession and gorge on the famous Mishti-2, Rasogulla and Sondesh. In this time, try a little less known (outside of Kolkata) sweets like sweet pot (light-fried milk cake), ladekena (a type of rose bamboo) and kacha gola (soft cottage cheese balls).

Do not hesitate to ask a local for a nearby dessert shop, chances are, there you will be there.


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