iPhone 8 Plus teardown reveals it costs around Rs 19,000

The iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8 are expensive phones, even for the construction. In fact, two phones are among the most expensive phones, of course, the most expensive iPhone so far. So how much do they cost Apple? According to tear and analysis by market research firm IHS Markets, the iPhone 8 Apple spends $ 247.51, while the cost of iPhone 8 Plus is $ 288.08.


In other words, the iPhone 8 spends 16,000 rupees around Apple, while the cost of iPhone 8 Plus is about 19,000. Importantly, according to IHS Markets, this is Apple’s component component spending on new iPhones. The research firm told Bloomberg about its analysis, though it is worth remembering that the IHS market is not an official source on these matters.

Henalis is used every year for popular high-end phones. Recently, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was asked how they were right and their answer was that they never saw “which is closer to being accurate.”

But along with that, the component cost is related to the IHS market should be somewhat correct because the firm carefully tracks the supply chain for the gadget, however, its analysis does not include the cost of labor, marketing and research.

Apple sold iPhone 8 Plus for Rs 73,000 in India, while the small price of iPhone 8 is 64,000 rupees. Pre-booking for two phones, which came in sale in global markets since September 22, is in India. These phones will go on sale from September 29. Apple recently launched the iPhone X which will go on sale in India from November 3. This phone will cost Rs 89,000 and IHS has not calculated its manufacturing cost. Almost sure that the iPhone X will probably build high cost for Apple.

At the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the manufacturing cost of the iPhone X can be close to or more. In an earlier analysis, the IHS revealed that the total manufacturing cost of the Galaxy S8 was $ 307.

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Compared to the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7, the manufacturing cost for the iPhone has increased for Apple, an IHS analyst Wen Lam said, “The added value went to memory, camera and processing. Make the product better, and so can identify why they can command a high price for it.


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