IPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus has a smaller battery than the iPhone 7 Plus: report

Apple claimed the better battery than the iPhone 7 on the iPhone X (iPhone 10)

Apple claimed the better battery than the iPhone 7 on the iPhone X (iPhone 10) in its launch event. A listing on Tennessee packs 2617 MAH batteries (and 3 GB RAM) from the phone, which the Apple does not reveal to the general public.

While the dimensions and form factor similar to the iPhone X are in the form of a small 4.7-inch iPhone, despite being able to have the light and support wireless charging, it manages to present a much larger battery.

There is even a small battery compared to the iPhone 8 Plus’s iPhone 7 Plus. It is here that the iPhone X’s battery compares with other plus size iPhones and recent flagship:

iPhone X: 2617mAh

iPhone 8 Plus: 2675mAh

iPhone 7 Plus: 2900 mAh

iPhone 6 Plus: 2917 mAh

Galaxy S8: 3000mAh

HTC U11: 3000mAh

Why did Apple have to reduce battery size?
New iPhones do a small capacity battery pack compared to iPhones last year. This may be due to the fact that all iPhone of this year comes with wireless charging support, which has forced internally internally to adjust it to Apple. The iPhone 8 Plus 7mm is almost as thin as the iPhone 7 Plus, which measures 7.3 mm.

But in spite of this, Apple claims that the decrease in the size of the battery does not affect the battery life on the new iPhone. This is quite surprising and can be for two reasons – the new A11 Bionic chip and IOS 11

Although Apple has not claimed any improvement in battery life with the new iOS update, and there are real reports that claim that batteries are experiencing a severe shortage of battery life, the only reason that new chip is proving is why New iPhone can shed some of your batteries

A11 Bionic chip A10 is a major improvement over. It is a six-core processor that uses a system similar to large. Little architecture is nominated for four of the six core functions and only when necessary are the other two corres that are playing in your music, browsing the Internet, running other lights like WhatsApp, which are mostly bad Are there.

Apple says that the four ‘display core’ in the A11 bionic chip is nearly 25 percent faster, while the two ‘core efficiency’ is 70 percent faster than the A10 chip. The new chip uses a second-generation display controller that is capable of using all six cores at once. Recently, iPhone X showed gigabyte data that Galaxy S8 or OnePlus 5 has been left behind quite a bit. The single core score for the iPhone X is 4,188, compared to the iPhone 7 Plus score of 3,473, the Samsung Galaxy S8 score 1991, the Galaxy Note 8 score is 1987 and oneplus 5 points 1932.

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