Pakistani women hurt due to their personal choice

In a distant, faraway country, a puffed actress has broken the honor of the whole country.

A woman is the biggest enemy of a woman. “This is a clear statement, which many people in the West have drawn for their sake, but unfortunately, it is still true in a country like Pakistan.

Friday was a news-friendly day for the Pakistani media. Unlike expectations, Prime Minister Shahid Khakan Abbasi made some strong statements in the United Nations General Assembly, refusing to deny Pakistan the “bloody goat” for bloodshed in Afghanistan. Apart from this, his novel options for this occasion were widely welcomed.

Nevertheless, political efforts of Abbasi did not get viral status on the Internet. It seems that, actress Mahira Khan stole his thunder in a white cloth in a white summer dress on the streets of New York by rubbing a small grunge. This kind of exhibition of immorality, and that too, made for perfect sin around an Indian actor.

Although Maharashtra and Kanadeel [Baluch] come from two completely different sections of society, they are victims of at least one common problem- double standards


Between the moral brigade detecting its latest victim and mine and its “suspicious behavior” all the colors and crying, meme and shameless trolling, the world got a glimpse of the latest documentary about Kandel Bloch – which was an Internet sensation Because he had refused to conform to the patriarchal standards of the country issued by The Guardian. And though both Maharashtra and Kanadel come from completely different levels of society, they are both victims of at least one common problem-double standards.

On a poster of a movie, a bare-chested shaw becomes a thumb on public forums. The person who is embarrassing publicly is very common to be a cause for hatred. Hell, Mehvish Hayat plays whistle in excitement inside the cinema hall. But Maharashtra oh Maharaj! In a distant, faraway country, a puffed actress has broken the honor of the whole country.

In Pakistan (and indeed, in South Asia) it is natural for the expectation of men to leave the women on the occasion of their choice to become a microbial torch and women. But it is disappointing with other women in the community.

Openly reprimanding him, blaming moderate attitude for his divorce and calling all kinds of names and women on social media, moved up and forth to bring Mahira down. The irony is that these women gave women their shameful representation. Some drawing rooms feminists also have indicated that how this “guilty” should not be wrong for empowerment. But those who have failed miserably understand the definition of empowerment.

Some drawing-room feminists have pointed out how this “indecency” must not be mistaken for empowerment. But what they have miserably failed at is understanding the very definition of empowerment.


Empowerment has the right to lead life, as one likes it, it is an ambition, the power to follow the lifestyle of any kind, which is related to one another. Even then, it seems that Pakistani women themselves have a moral division Want to be limited; Describes a pure description that a pure woman does for her. But then some of these purifying women did not leave more religious within the community.

Convolve Ahmed – Famous Women of Pakistan – The brain behind the Facebook group, which is called Sister sisters Pakistan – A hijab is minor in appearance, she continues to include women in the conversation, sharing them and about various problems Provides a forum for discussion. Nevertheless, Convolution was trolled by women in relation to video tutorials on how to wear Hemamb.

On the contrary, the recent story is that Islamic preacher Newman Ali Khan was sexually assaulting women – in which he claimed a consensus conversation – his followers have spread widespread horrors including women’s followers. Many women have raised their support for Khan on social media, suggesting that the allegations are an attempt to defame their reputation. Others have avoided commenting on the basis that no one should go on the conclusion without real evidence and should not make a decision.

It is unfortunate that so many women harm their own cause. Media is to be blamed equally. For example, an online publishing, film and fashion journal, there was a clear scandal about his outfit and how standing it was. This kind of comment is not in favor of the society in any way. It is only feeding deeply, in Gandhian ideology.

We may be moderate or conservative, religious or non-religious, but we do not all contribute to the public waste of any other woman.


We hate orthodox, but we make them permanent every day. It reflects a retrograde mindset to take pride in the unnecessary way of life of another person and takes liberty to comment on his affairs. There is no place for justice on Mahira Khan’s clothes or smoking habits, and this is certainly not ideal for women.

It is about the time that we saw unity in Pakistani women and with one healthy dose of “living and living” to support each other. We may be moderate or conservative, religious or non-religious, but we do not all contribute to the public waste of any other woman. In return, help the new generation of feminists to challenge the patriarchal situation and make a new reality for our women. Because we have no long-term help to bring each other. As Anne Friedman said, “I do not shine if you do not shine.” So let’s all shine together because together we are capable of incredible things.

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