Top 5 places in Russia for shopping with friends

Hey people again welcome my article with a warm welcome. This article will be great for all shopholics who read this article. Russia is a beautiful place where there are many tourist attractions such as culture, such as delicious food, beautifully made monuments and many other things. But in Russia, shopping can never be left, so in the following article I will list the top 5 positions in Russia for shopping.

1. Udelnaya


Udelnaya is located in St. Petersburg. It is known as the largest flea market, this market has been for 20 years and still many people go here to shop for goods. If you are looking for some antique items then go to Udlaini Bazar; You can easily shop for clothes, handbags, some accessories, shoes, some old furniture, books, and music; Some smoking hot snacks and dishes, some Chinese made items like clothes, artifacts, and many others. If you want to shop for some occupants of World War II then go to this market. Here you can find some shops for bicycles, pins, coins, jewelry, clothes and many types of obscure items.

2. Nautilus


Nautilus is a shopping center that was opened in 1998. It represents the shape of a ship. It has spread in the area of 6,000 square meters. There are many stores that sell goods, clothes, shoes, fur, accessories, jewelry, restaurants, cafes and many more. You can enjoy Japanese, Russian and Mediterranean dishes. Enjoy the cinema and entertain yourself after shopping in the mall. Shop some known and local brands in the shop and enjoy delicious food.

Address: – Nicolskaya St., 25, Moskva, Russia, 109012

 3. Gum


Gum is a shopping arcade that has a huge three storey building spread over 242 meters. Here you will find about 200 shops that sell some international brands and many designer items. This building is a masterpiece with some beautiful glass roof and steel structure. It still preserves Soviet beauty, fill your stomach with some delicious Russian cuisine from the restaurant and cafe in the mall. Entertain yourself with some cinemas in the mall if you want to see that the actual beauty of the mall goes during that night, it is full of light and looks like a royal look

Address: – Red Square, 3, Moskova, Russia, 101000

4. Metropolis Shopping Center

Metropolis Shopping Center

The Metropolis Shopping Center was opened in 2009. This spacious and beautiful mall is spread over 60,000 acres of area. There are about 200 shops, there are electronic, departmental, clothing, accessories, shoes, and many others here you can shop for some designer outfits, bags, shoes, jewelry, beautiful flowers, great make-up brands, pharmacy and many others. Other services that you will find at ATMs, car parking, repair shops, salons, restaurants, cafes and others. On the top floor you can find movies, bowling alley, pool hall.

5. Passage


Passage is a huge store in St. Petersburg, it’s like many shops that sell clothes, shoes, accessories, and many others. Apart from this there are some restaurants, cafes, entertainment and many other things. The architect is of some 1800s. You can buy some fur coats, fur bags, clothes, shoes, perfumes, watches, jewelry, bags, gift shops, dessert shops, and many other shops as well. Enjoy some entertainment along the way you will enjoy cabaret-style coffee shops and eat some delicious dishes in the mall.

Address: – Nevsky Avenue, Sankt-Peterburg, Leningrad Oblast, Russia, 191186


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